At our Laboratory, we hold fast to Higher Standards. Our purpose is to continually push past conventional solutions to find new and better ways to optimize oil and gas production. We support our customers with well site sampling, core management services, geochemical analysis and evaluation of traditional and unconventional reservoirs.
Our integrated capabilities lead the way in defining and comparing the validity and value of the complete suite of EOR strategies also. Precision & accurate analysis and scalable results are key to improve EOR requirements from steam flood performance, while minimizing the corrosive impacts of H2S in order to correct chemical selections and optimize gas injection schemes.
With our better understanding of reservoir as well as optimized production options & our in-depth experience includes a variety of plays in a range of reservoir types, we can apply our science and our technology to support the pore-scale to field-scale at all locations. Higher standards of interpretation and integration with field processes improve the flexibility of on-site, in situ solutions so that hydrocarbon recovery and revenue are enhanced to the greatest extent possible.
Genesis aspires to render unsurpassed quality in services and state of the art compass in products through innovative and unique solutions and thus enhance its presence as professional E & P laboratory services as well as EOR lab study service provider in Oman, the Gulf region and world across.


  • Core Handling: Gama scan & Core Imaging ( UV core photography)
  • Core preparation (Core drilling, Core cutting & Polishing).
  • Core cleaning (Soxhelet, Dean stark)
  • Gas Porosity measurements (Grain density, compressibility factor etc)
  • Gas permeability measurements
  • Liquid porosity measurements
  • Absolute permeability measurements
  • Core thin section study

  • Relative permeability measurements (Oil-gas-brine system) Core flooding tests
  • Water flooding (Brine flooding at different real reservoir condition,temperature pressure and Salinity).
  • Different core type study (Carbonate, Sandstone and Sand packed). Light oil to heavy oil study
  • Chemical flooding (ASP flooding, Ionic liquids, Green solvents, etc)
  • Gas flooding (CO2 and flue gas, Hydrocarbon gases, Water alternative gas, Gravity drainage, etc)
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary gas injections- Thermal methods and steam flooding
  • Capillary pressure properties of reservoir rocks. :- Determination of Capillary pressure & relative permeability curves With Refrigerated Centrifuge.
  • Wettability Studies : Spontaneous Imbibition and drainage measurement using Amott cells.
  • Electrical parameter - Resistivity & thermal conductivity Measurement
  • Formation damage tests
  • Remediation studies

  • Density Measurements of liquids / fluids.
  • Viscosity measurement ( HT-HP as well atmospheric Condition.)
  • IFT Measurement
  • Wax appearance temperature measurement
  • Compositional Analysis of Oil

  • Oil formation volume factor (Bo)
  • Gas formation volume factor (Bg)
  • Solution gas oil ratio (Rs)
  • Gas oil ratio (GOR)
  • Oil compressibility
  • Bubble point pressure
  • Gas deviation compressibility factor (Zg)
  • Constant Mass Expansion (CME)
  • Differential Vaporization (DV)
  • Constant Mass Depletion (CMD)
  • Constant Mass Depletion (CMD)