Core Warehousing & RCAL Facility at one location

Advantages of Data Warehousing
“There are a variety of possible architectures to store decision-support data”

  • Amalgamate data from multiple sources into a single database so a single query engine can be used to present data.
  • Data base can be isolated and access can be partially restricted based on who is using the data and for what purpose.
  • Maintain data history for a long period
  • Improve data quality by presenting the data based on queries.
  • Data can be upgraded at various location across the globe by sharing the access source
  • Analyze the data based on the customized software.
  • Making decision–support queries easier to write
  • With systematic tagging, Data warehousing can locate a particular core sample in a warehouse easily and efficiently.
  • “White Glove”

    Service for Core ware Housing & RCAL Requirements.

  • Cores are stacked in palletized and scientific manner to protect the Core and retain its original stature.
  • With facility being fully Air-conditioned, the ambient conditions are well maintained.
  • Entire facility is well protected from Fire hazards and well insured gainst any accident.
  • Facility big enough to store more than 55000 RMT of core at single location.
  • Each set of core delivery stacked separately with different numbering and colour coding / with data warehousing management system   (DBMS), Core identification is well systemized
  • Monthly Management information System reporting and billing.
  • We have well equipped RCAL laboratory at the same location, whereby all services like core preparation / Core cleaning / Liquid -   Gas7n Porosity measurements / Thin section can be carried out without transporting the core
  • We have state of the art SCAL facility also
  • As a value added services we are capable to undertake all necessary logistic arrangements, including providing the core collection services at drilling site.