GenesisMart Multi-Vendor E-commerce

a multi-purpose and multi-vendor online business solution developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. You can operate your business with various business modules, unlimited vendors, and products centrally.


What You Will Get:

Platform Landing Page

User Android App - IOS App

Vendor Android App - IOS App

Delivery Android App - IOS App

Web App Store 

Web App Admin Panel 

Web App Vendor Panel

Web App Admin Employee Panel 

Web App Vendor Employee Panel


Order Flow (Happy Path):

1. Customer places an order from a store.
2. Delivery boys accept the order for delivery.
3. Store owner receives the order and begins processing it.
4. If the order is digitally paid, it goes directly into the confirmed status.
5. If the store's confirmation model is enabled, the order does not require delivery confirmation.
6. Delivery man accepts the order and confirms it (if cash on delivery).
7. Delivery man picks up and delivers the order to the customer.
8. For self-pickup orders, the store manages all the steps.
9. Scheduled orders begin processing 15 minutes before the delivery time.

Complementary Features:

- Multi-Language Support
- Accurate coverage area mapping
- System Modules Management
- Multiple Store Management
- OTP Integration via SMS
- Product Management
- Advanced Order Management
- Smart Dispatch Management
- Delivery man app
- Manual Delivery Man Assignment
- Promotions Management
- Transaction & Report Analytics
- Employee Section
- Business Setting
- Complete Featured User App and Web
- Multiple Payment Gateways


Duration: 3 Weeks



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